School leadership and management

School leaders will be empowered to determine their school's digital direction. Data-based insights will drive effective decision-making while automated school management allows more time to support teachers and students.

Meet Lewis. He's a primary school principal who comes from a long line of teachers. This is how the Schools Digital Strategy (SDS) will make his position less stressful and more impactful.

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What does the Schools Digital Strategy mean for our school leaders?

School leaders will be able to choose the digital journey that suits their school, with easy access to the tools and services that will enable data-driven decision making.

Meet Lewis, he's a primary school principal who moved his way up from teacher to assistant principal and ultimately to school principal.

[Voiceover - Lewis]

The position of principal is the best job in the world with the worst days in the world. My day is a constant flow of phone calls, emails and hallway conversations. I complete most of my admin tasks, like planning and procurement, at home. The digital tools and support I have access to don?t seem to match what we need here at school. I'm not tech-savvy enough to come up with better solutions myself.


More and more management processes are being automated. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to address the digital needs for (of) schools. Our role is to help schools identify their current digital maturity and to support them to improve it.

[Voiceover - Lewis]

Using my personal time for work is a thing of the past. I am able to complete admin tasks with a click of a button. We've come a long way in shaping our school's digital journey. I wouldn't say I'm completely tech-savvy, but a least I know what we need and how to get it.


The Schools Digital Strategy will ensure core management processes have been automated to free up time to spend on higher-value activities like coaching and mentoring teachers. School leadership will be able to choose the digital journey that makes sense to their school and its staff and is supported in its implementation.

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School leadership and management will:

  • Be able to choose the digital journey that suits their school and staff, and be supported in its implementation.
  • Have core management processes automated to give them more time to spend on running their school more effectively.
  • Receive real-time data-driven insights into the effectiveness of new digital led approaches to learning and teaching.
  • Have more time to spend on coaching and mentoring teachers.
  • Re-design their schools with digital technologies and infrastructure that attracts and retains talent. This helps make each school a great place to work.

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