Parents and carers

Parents and carers will be more connected to their child's learning experience through improved data and transparency via the digital channel of their choice. Interaction with their school will be seamless and immediate.

Meet Patrick. He's a small business owner and single parent of two kids, Cindy and Jaydn. Being so busy, every day is a juggling act. This is how the Schools Digital Strategy (SDS) will simplify how he communicates with his kids' schools and allows him to be more engaged with their education.

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What does the Schools Digital Strategy mean for our parents?

Parents, carers and school communities will have greater opportunities to collaborate and communicate with schools.

Meet Patrick, he's a small business owner and single parent of two kids, Cindy and Jaydn. His life is a juggling act.

[Voiceover - Patrick]

'I confess, I'm not as connected as I should be. It's difficult to know what's going on and I wish I had a better idea of what my kids are up to at school, but I just don't have the time and I'm a bit lost online.'


Most of our parents' and carers' pain points revolve around communication with the school and visibility into their child's learning journey. By streamlining digital communication channels, including payment, enrolment and learning support, we are improving the experience for all who interact with the schools.

[Voiceover - Patrick]

'I just received a positive message on my phone from Jadyn's teacher about his maths test, and look, here's a shot of Cindy getting her award for public speaking. I feel a lot better knowing what's going on at their schools and being able to access any information I need.'


The Schools Digital Strategy will ensure all our parents and carers interact and transact with the schools digitally. They receive real-time notifications, have real-time visibility into their child's learning journey, and can easily connect to their child's teacher.

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Parents and carers will:

  • Interact more easily with their school including consent, payment, enrolment, learning support and communications via the digital channel of their choice.
  • Have greater visibility of their child's learning journey and ability to participate.
  • Get easy access to the resources needed to support their child's education.
  • Be able to seamlessly engage via Service NSW to access education services.

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