Single funding source

School initiatives may be funded from a single funding source.

The single funding source example demonstrates the use of socio-economic background (equity loading) as a single funding source to resource a literacy program in a central school setting.

Scenario - Peer Tutoring program

Strategic direction: Year 1 implementation and progress monitoring

Image: SPaRO interface - each strategic direction requires key data in SPaRO to monitor implementation and progress

1. Initiative

Literacy: Peer Tutoring program

2. School Excellence Framework

  • Learning – Curriculum
  • Teaching – Learning and Development

3. Activities

  • One-on-one guided reading to Stage 1 students led by Year 10 students involving a variety of text types.
  • Guidance provided by Year 10 students to Stage 1 students to effectively self-assess against the Reading and Viewing elements of the Literacy learning progressions (LLPs) to enable students to contribute to their own learning goals.
  • Teachers conduct observations of Year 10 students against the Speaking and Listening elements of the LLPs.

4. Resources

2022 Planning and reporting

  • Collaborative planning completed by Assistant Principal Curriculum and Instruction (base staff entitlement)
  • Resource text types

Funding Sources:

  • Equity:
    • Socio-economic background

2023 Planning and reporting

From 2023 schools are required to identify a funding source for relevant activities, however, do not need to allocate a dollar amount. Schools can continue to use the free text field to include information on resources.

5. Evaluation and evidence of impact

The national LLPs were used as a whole-school strategy ranging across K-12 (central school) providing maximum student learning through the establishment of clear learning goals for individual students.

  • 100% of students in Stage 1 have demonstrated growth in reading fluency.
  • 84% of Year 10 students were able to demonstrate the LiS5 indicators within the Speaking and Listening element.

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  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Reporting and performance
  • School Excellence Framework

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