The ‘Build a Bike’ program at Wyndham College

The revolutionary new program built on trust, mutual honesty and respect is engaging students at Wyndam College and giving them something to 'ride' home about.

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I was a wreck.

I wasn't doing as I'm told, my school levels were down...

I didn't want to be here.

WelI, I wasn't even gonna come to school before this program.

Jason Ewing-Jarvie, English History Faculty, Wyndham College

The Build a Bike program is both an English Studies and an Industrial Technology life skills course.

Yeah, Luke arrived a couple of weeks after the subject had started. He was brought to us on the proviso that he behave right.


… and I just rocked up and were like – this is actually quite cool!


Thought you were headed for just another high school? Think again.

… Your line.




We basically can assemble it and put it back together.

You need your maths, you need to know your measurements.

It sort of makes you feel like you're in your own world and you can just block out all the dramas and arguments and that.


We are constantly trying to put round students in a square hole.

The practical was probably very attractive to him as an option, but it is actually the literacy where he has excelled so I'm quite proud of him in that regard.


Whenever I have Build a Bike or English I go home to my dad and I say;

"Dad, I got taught this by Jason."

He's a nice guy, he's probably the nicest teacher you'll ever meet.


I think it's the old saying in life that everybody has a superpower.

Teenagers have wants and desires for education.

It's up to us to listen to them and find out exactly what they are.


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