How do your teachers inspire you?

Students from public schools across NSW tell us what it is about their teachers (and the way they teach) that inspires them to achieve their best.

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We asked students from across NSW, ‘How does your teacher inspire you to achieve your best?’

Student 1

My teacher inspires me by giving us different ways to learn, which makes the learning fun.

Student 2

They think you're going to do the best, so you actually want to do the best you can.

Student 3

Sometimes he'll just come over to me and he'll just start explaining without even me having to ask and that's just really, really nice.

Student 4

He supports us, he cheers us on.

Student 5

If we don't understand, she teaches us again and she teaches us a new method, which is amazing, and it's easy to understand.

Student 6

Teacher inspires me by the way he challenges us with all different activities.

Student 7

Matt helped me conquer my fears about the heights.

Student 8

The school's just really cosy.

Student 9

Coming from a small school, there's a really tight-knit community between teachers and students.

Student 10

And if we are struggling with something, they give us motivational quotes and things just to keep us going and to push us to our full potential and beyond our potential, as one of our teachers likes to state.

Student 11

My teachers inspire me through the hard work and dedication that they put into teaching me.

Student 12

They are so enthusiastic and passionate about teaching that it inspires me to listen and then to give back to them.

Student 13

I feel like they really care about us here and I know that even after school, we'll be able to come back and have a good relationship with them.


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