Dubbo College’s Circus West

The Circus West program at Dubbo College Delroy Campus has transformed the lives of countless students over its 25 year history.

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Video transcript

Paul Woodhead

You might see him juggling, but what I'm seeing is a young artist that's been able to persevere enough to learn that skill.

G'day, I'm Paul Woodhead. Welcome to Circus West, been running 26 years, still running today.

This school had the wrong side of the river, the wrong side of the railway tracks, but now it has this signature program.

They thought of West, ‘Oh that's where the circus is.’


Hey, I'm Zayden and I ride the unicycle.

It took me five to six weeks, I'm pretty sure, to learn the unicycle.

Male student

Without Circus West a lot of people's lives could have gone a very different path. It really does turn people around.

Female student

He's funny he has a really Australian sense of humour, he's quick-witted and really supportive.

Yeah he's been there for me through so many things.

Paul Woodhead

Those sorts of times when someone comes back are one of the reasons you teach.

Yeah, it does – it makes you emotional. It's really really good.


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