The school of champions

From a Commonwealth Games gold medalist to the winner of the US Snowboarding Nationals, how does a tiny bush school produce so many star athletes?

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How does this tiny bush school produce so many sporting superstars?

Introducing Narooma High School of Champions:

  • Jack, 12 – World Karate Championships
  • Ella, 15 – State Equestrian Champion
  • Liam, 16 – Greater Western Sydney Giants Aussie Rules (U17)
  • Banjo, 14 – third, CHS Gymnastics Championships
  • Tailem, 18 – State U25 Dairy Judging Champion
  • Elli, 13 – athletics champion, competing in Canada 2018
  • Lilly, 17 – gold medal, Rugby 7’s, 2017 Youth Commonwealth Games
  • Valentino, 12 – overall champion, US Snowboard Nationals

Andrew Thomas, Deputy Principal, Narooma High School

We have a vast array of talented students drawn from a very small pool of people.

In the 202 school days we would run almost 600 excursions.


Well the principal, he's an amazing man; he's always taught us to respect, support and make us responsible.

We talk to our teachers about things we're passionate about.


They respect us they know that what we're doing is a hard thing.

Andrew Thomas

They know that there is a very high expectation of them when they arrive here.

What makes me proud of students is their attitude – whether they are experiencing difficulties in the classroom, through to the elite athletes that we have.

Those students aim very high.


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