Growth mindset at Revesby Public School

At Revesby Public School, students are changing the way they think about mistakes and training their brains to look for new ways to improve and grow.

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Something extraordinary is happening at Revesby Public School. Students are embracing their mistakes, rethinking success and training their brains. It’s called ‘growth mindset’.

Narelle Nies, Principal, Revesby Public School

So 'Growth Mindset' is the ability to see your brain as being like a muscle and the ability that you can grow and learn and improve.

Student 1

When I was doing my writing I made a lot of mistakes. I thought I couldn't do it. And I never gave up.


Growth mindset is ‘how can I improve?’, ‘effort makes me stronger’, ‘I can do this’.

Student 2

I tried out for the spelling bee. I wasn't confident. I used my growth mindset and I made it to the district competition.

Student 3

When I do tests, I sometimes get the answer wrong. But the test happens again and then I get the answer right.

Student 4

To me growth mindset is saying ‘never give up, even if you don't succeed.’

Student 5

To have a growth mindset I use the power of 'yet.' If I haven't done something I say. ‘I just haven't done this, yet’.

Narelle Nies

The focus is very much on the effort that is going into the work. It's not just about a grade. It's about how each individual student is improving.


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