You're wonderful

We go inside Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School to observe how a small student exercise on how we treat each other can have powerful effects.

Duration – 1:30

Video transcript


How would you describe yourself?

Student 1

Dumb, ugly and awkward or something like that.

Student 2

Depressing, (um)... a bit lonely and not the best looking.


We asked a few of your classmates about you.

Student 1


Student 2

Oh boy. (breathes out)

Student 3

Um. He's – he's very considerate. He's compassionate for other people.

Student 4

She's extremely talented.

Student 5

She's really good at making people feel better.

Student 4

…gentle and she has an amazing personality.

Student 5

And she's such a sweet, kind person.

Student 6

He's really good at sharing ideas…

Student 7

... one to quickly make jokes and it does lighten up a day.

Student 4

She's just so kind.

Student 5

I think we need more people like her who are excited and out there and willing to put themselves on the line.

Student 8

People are so nice.

Student 2

This is a bit of life changing.

Student 1

It was really eye-opening and kind.

Thank you.


1 in 4 students experience bullying.

Your words are powerful.

Use them for good.


End of transcript.

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