Smashing targets at Samuel Terry Public School

How Samuel Terry Public School went above and beyond to exceed their target of improving numeracy and literacy results.

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Video transcript

Stephen Lockley, Principal, Samuel Terry Public School

At Samuel Terry Public School we have utilised our additional funding, which has achieved great success across the school.

We were given the target specifically for our school to improve literacy and numeracy by 6% over 3 years, so we've actually exceeded that goal in the first 2 years.

So we're really proud of that.


How has the school used additional funding?

Stephen Lockley

We employed an extra 11 SLSOs. (School Learning Support Officers).

Every one of those aides has been trained in specific programs to assist with student learning in the classroom.

We bought 137 iPads for the school and also 20 laptops. They are used throughout the school every single day.

We've started a program across the school where every child from Kindergarten through to Year 6 learns computer coding, so they become controllers of technology and not just passive users of technology.

We've also used that funding for again fun and engaging programs such as our Creative Clubs afternoons, where teachers get to teach children something which is a passion of theirs.

Children being more engaged in class is what it's all about.

They want to come to school and they're learning without even knowing it.

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