Movie lunch resources

Use these resources to help you plan a film screening event. These resources have been provided by the Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group.

Our Vision

An inclusive workplace built on mutual respect, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and cultures are recognised, valued and celebrated.

Reconciliation Film Club

Hosting a screening of a Reconciliation Film Club documentary is an opportunity to bring people together to develop a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, histories and cultures, to ignite conversation and spark change. It’s also a great platform to engage staff actively with our RAP plan.

Preview the Reconciliation Film Club movies.


We recommend you:

  • book a room/space with a screen for your event
  • chose and request a screening copy if you are showing a film from the Reconciliation Film Club options
  • rates to screen Reconciliation Film Club options are:
    • $99 - small community organisations and screenings of less than 50 people
    • $250 - screenings up to 100 people
    • $500 - screenings up to 200 people
    • $750 - large screenings with more than 200 people
    • please note that all revenue goes directly to the producers of this film.
  • set up a ticketing system if needed (handy to monitor who is coming and capacity) such as Eventbrite
  • produce an invite and/or promote the event to your office/area
  • please do an Acknowledgement or Welcome to Country (this is usually done by the most senior person in the room unless you have an Elder coming to perform a Welcome to Country)
  • make sure the room is accessible for people who will come from other locations
  • have someone from AV/IT to help you out on the day, if needed
  • please take photos of your event and send them to and (Great Place to Work mailbox).


If possible, please:

  • Take a photo of the people at your screening.
  • If someone wants to share the RAP event on their social media accounts, get them to use #GreatPlaceToWork and/or #RAPMOVIELUNCH so that the department can know about it and share it.
  • Remember permissions need to be gained before you share anything.
  • Please take photos of your event and send them to and (Great Place to Work mailbox).

Movies for your event

Preview the Reconciliation Film Club movies.

There are four films to choose from as part of the Reconciliation Film Club:

  • We don’t need a map
  • Connection to Country
  • Occupation Native
  • In My Own Words.

A screening pack is provided with each film which is handy to read. Check out the Connection to Country pack.

As part of this pack there are questions you can ask to stimulate discussion about the movie afterwards if you have time.

The RAP Working Group hosted the Connection to Country movie over lunch in the William Wilkins Rooms at Phillip Street over lunch. We did an Acknowledgment of Country and provided popcorn.

Contact details

For any queries please contact:

Check out the department’s Reconciliation Action Plan for information and inspiration.

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