Outcomes framework

Our vision

Every student in NSW public schools develops the mathematics skills they need to succeed in life.

What we aim to achieve

Higher-quality teaching of mathematics in NSW public schools

  • Higher-level mathematics courses are more widely available in NSW public schools.
  • Teachers of mathematics feel more confident in teaching mathematics.
  • Teachers of mathematics use effective practice.
  • NSW public schools have more specialist mathematics teachers.
  • Teachers of mathematics have improved access to high-quality resources.
  • Teachers of mathematics have improved access to and participate in quality professional learning opportunities for teaching mathematics.

Student engagement and outcomes in mathematics

  • All Stage 6 students choose to do mathematics.
  • More Stage 6 students choose higher-level mathematics.
  • Student achievement in mathematics increases (K-12).

More positive attitudes to mathematics

  • Students, teachers, parents and carers, and social influencers have more positive attitudes towards mathematics.
  • Parents and carers feel more confident to support students in learning mathematics.
  • Parents and carers access high-quality resources that support effective student learning of mathematics.

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