The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) will evaluate the NSW Mathematics Strategy to explore the effectiveness and impact of its components and inform decision-making processes. CESE will conduct two levels of evaluation to review the strategy’s aims as outlined in the outcomes framework:

  1. evaluation of the strategy as a whole
  2. evaluations of individual initiative.

Evaluation of the strategy

The overall evaluation of the strategy will examine the extent to which the outcomes are being achieved. This evaluation will seek to inform decisions that could be taken to support initiatives in meeting the strategy’s outcomes.

Evaluations of individual initiatives

Evaluations will collect evidence of the effectiveness of each initiative and measure its impact. The evaluation will assess the extent to which the resources invested in particular areas are leading to improvements in the engagement and learning outcomes of students. These evaluations will inform future planning, process improvements and evidence-based decision-making as the initiatives progress.

Current reports

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  • Teaching and learning

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