NSW Mathematics Strategy at a glance

The NSW Mathematics Strategy is made up of 5 key initiatives and 7 underpinning initiatives.

Key initiatives

  • Pilot a new mathematics-based HSC course for students who have not typically chosen mathematics, focused on numeracy and applications for everyday life.
  • Recruit primary mathematics specialist teachers over five years.
  • Award scholarships to STEM undergraduates and career changers for a Master of Teaching (Mathematics).
  • Increase enrolments and improve student outcomes in higher-level HSC mathematics.
  • Grow a NSW mathematics ambassador network to positively engage students, teachers, parents and carers, and the wider community.

Underpinning initiatives

  • Establish a mathematics growth team to lead the strengthening of mathematics teaching expertise.
  • Improve initial teacher preparation of primary teachers to teach mathematics in targeted schools and networks.
  • Provide high-quality, evidence-based professional learning that supports and builds the mathematics knowledge of teachers and school leaders.
  • Deliver evidence-based practice to support quality teaching and develop students’ mathematical thinking.
  • Develop a digital solution for teachers to access high-quality teaching resources.
  • Implement communications initiatives to engage students, parents and carers, and teachers.
  • Evaluate initiatives including assessing improvements in key outcomes of the strategy over time.

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