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These bulletins and guidelines are for the purpose of assisting officers of the NSW Department of Education and have been written from this perspective. The bulletins are made available publicly on the department's web site in the interests of openness and in keeping with the principles of the Government Information (Public Access) Act. They should therefore be viewed as general information and not be relied upon by non-departmental staff in making decisions about their own personal circumstances.

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    • Defamation

      Defamation, legal issues bulletin 34, LIB34

    • Difficult interviews and related issues

      Difficult interviews and related issues, legal issues bulletin 33, LIB33

    • Disability discrimination

      This bulletin explains unlawful discrimination and the steps schools must take to treat all students with a disability on an equal basis. Schools must support, consult, make reasonable adjustments and implement strategies to prevent harassment of people with disability. LIB60

  1. E
    • Enrolment of students in government schools

      This bulletin provides information about the Education Act and public school enrolment policy. It answers questions on enrolment age, where a child can apply to go, whether the school must accept an application and the documents the child or parent need to give. LIB43

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    • Knives in schools

      Possession of knives - issues for schools, legal issues bulletin 22, LIB22

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