Minister Lee

Minister Geoff Lee

Dr Geoff Lee was elected to Parliament as the State Member for Parramatta in 2011. Dr Lee served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, Western Sydney and Multiculturalism, before receiving his Ministerial appointment as Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education in April 2019.

Dr Lee has both Australian and Chinese ancestry. His paternal grandfather originated from the providence of Zhongshan, Southern China and moved to Australia in the 1920’s. His maternal ancestors are of English and Scottish descent arriving in Australia early in the 1800’s.

Prior to entering politics, Geoff was an award winning business owner, then TAFE teacher, lecturer and later the Associate Dean at the Western Sydney University. His research and publications cover small business, online learning and adult education.

As a past business owner, Dr Lee continues to champion small business as a key driver of innovation, economic growth and local jobs. His academic career has also reinforced his passion and strong advocacy for lifelong learning.

Dr Lee holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Horticulture) from Hawkesbury Agricultural College, a Master of Business Administration and a Doctor of Business Administration from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

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