Potential Project Ideas

Potential projects listed on this page are indicative only, and should not be considered exhaustive or limiting.

All project proposals will be assessed competitively according to how well they address the selection criteria.


  • Educational transitions of average-performing students
  • Gaps in transitions data, especially between end of school and university
  • Working with agencies dealing with welfare and justice to generate on-demand data on transitions


  • Evaluation of anti-bullying strategies
  • Evaluation of wellbeing and mental health support programs

Pedagogical Innovation

  • Teaching of critical thinking, computational and ethical thinking
  • Foundational skills and the different needs of students at each stage of education
  • The high-impact factors that improve student outcomes and whole-school performance, and how these can be shared most effectively across the school system
  • Teaching through crisis


  • Improving cultural competency among staff
  • Evaluation of high-impact community and cultural groups’ inclusivity practices at schools and their effects on student and school outcomes
  • Examination of classroom practices that meet the needs of diverse student groups, and their impact

Learning Environments

  • Community perceptions and confidence in public school infrastructure
  • Classroom and school design to support a diverse and growing population
  • Cultivating rich learning environments while managing resource constraints

Quality Teaching

  • Drawing lessons from workplace training and professional development programs and applying them to upskilling of the teaching workforce
  • Meeting the needs of a diverse teaching workforce.
  • School management strategies that enable teachers to do their best
  • Bringing non-teaching professionals into the teaching workforce effectively
  • Teaching through crisis

Workforce Development

  • Strategies that build high aspiration in students with high capability
  • Effective re-training for similar skill sets in the post-pandemic economy
  • Education programs and rehabilitation that reduce youth-reoffending
  • Comparative analysis of skills and training needs of Australia's biggest companies with those of the fastest growing small-medium enterprises
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