Professional development

We value ongoing professional development and offer a wide range of programs and strategies to support every stage of your career.

The department believes that:

  • all your professional learning should contribute, either directly or indirectly, to improved student learning outcomes
  • you have the right to be supported in your professional learning throughout your career, especially as it relates to the major strategic directions of the department
  • you have a professional responsibility to continue to learn
  • your professional learning is most effective when it is planned and linked to individual, team, workplace and/or organisational learning priorities
  • your prior learning and existing skills and knowledge should be recognised and valued
  • technology, open learning models and flexible learning will provide you with enhanced access to professional learning opportunities.

Working in our schools

The professional learning continuum begins when you graduate and continues throughout your school-based career, whether you become a teacher leader, a school executive, a school leader or a senior officer – or whether you choose to stay in the classroom.

Performance and development processes are applicable to permanent, temporary and casual teachers, executives and principals working in NSW public schools. If you work in school administration or in a support role, the program is there to guide your professional development too.

The department coordinates the learning continuum and supports you in making key career transitions. Your learning and development will take place in different ways through a wide range of flexible learning options. These might include:

  • electronic learning
  • short courses
  • conference attendance
  • mentoring or coaching.

You may be required to participate in some activities as a condition of your employment within the department especially in areas required by legislation such as child protection. Other professional activities, in which you engage, including professional reading, will be self-initiated as a demonstration of your commitment to the teaching profession.

We also help teachers maintain their accreditation by continuously building professional excellence.

Our corporate workplace

In corporate roles your professional development begins immediately, with a local induction in your work area with your manager and team.

We value ongoing workplace learning, so will help you build a personal learning and development plan as your career progresses. You can choose to learn in the way that best suits you; through on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, job shadowing, professional networking or online. We also actively encourage leadership and management training to ensure you have the skills and opportunity to take on more senior roles as your experience and knowledge expands.

Support for Aboriginal staff

Our Aboriginal staff are supported through professional induction programs, the ongoing assistance of Aboriginal human resources staff and our dedicated web presence, which provides information on jobs, support, local networks, professional development and career planning.

The right networks for every role

Workplace networks across the department give you the opportunity to share opinions and experiences and receive or offer mentoring and professional support within informal groups of like-minded colleagues.

We have an extensive range of professional networks available to corporate managers, senior women, young professionals, workers with disabilities, our staff in schools and our Aboriginal teachers, school administrators, support staff and corporate employees.

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