Different types of leave are available to Department of Education employees.

Subject to meeting certain requirements, leave can include:

  • sick leave
  • vacation leave
  • adoption leave
  • family and community service leave and personal carer's leave (FACS)
  • leave for sporting fixtures
  • long service leave
  • maternity leave
  • military leave
  • paternity leave
  • deferred salary leave
  • leave without pay (full time and part time)
  • study leave
  • special leave.

In addition, personal leave (incentive schools) is available to eligible teachers. This leave will assist teachers in eight transfer point schools, six transfer point schools and four transfer point (incentive) schools to attend to a range of personal and/or family commitments. In particular, it recognises the isolated location of such schools and the associated travel times to access a range of services. This is a separate entitlement to FACS leave.

School based teaching staff need to complete a leave application for all types of leave except for vacation leave.

Leave loading

When taking annual leave, department employees receive loading in addition to their normal salary.

Employees who complete 12 months continuous service as at 30 November each year are entitled to an annual leave loading equivalent to 17.5 percent of four weeks normal salary. Leave loading is payable in the first pay period of December each year. The payment will be paid on a pro rata basis if the appointment was after the start of the leave loading year (that is, 1 December) or if leave without pay was taken during the year.

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