For size, flexibility of choice and range of career development opportunities, the NSW Department of Education is the employer of choice for teachers.

It is the largest education provider in Australia, delivering education services to more than 780,000 students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

We have more than 2,200 schools throughout the state, ranging from small one-teacher country schools to large metropolitan high schools. There are selective schools for academically gifted students, and other specialist schools such as agriculture, technology, performing arts and sports high schools. We also have multi-campus colleges, environmental education centres, distance education centres and schools for children with special needs. Check out our full range of NSW public schools .

More career opportunities

As a NSW public school teacher, your opportunities for career development, school and location diversity are greatly enhanced.

With such a wide range of schools and locations to choose from, you can look forward to a variety of career development options – all while still remaining under the one employer.

The joys and rewards of being a NSW public school teacher don't end in the classroom.

Your drive for career advancement can be fulfilled by promotion within the NSW public education system, which is based on merit. Our school leaders earn higher salaries, reflecting higher levels of responsibility. And with a statewide network of schools to choose from, you have a whole range of promotions options.

Teachers can also apply for a variety of specialist or management positions within schools, regional offices and state office directorates.

There are many other opportunities to improve your skills and qualifications with the support of the department. These include teacher exchanges, leadership and management courses, and courses accredited by universities. You can also retrain in a subject area that requires more teachers.

NSW public school teachers also enjoy a range of benefits and incentives enjoyed by few other professions, such as such as flexible work conditions, Deferred Salary Scheme, attractive salary, generous holiday and leave conditions and additional incentives for teachers in our most remote schools

Casual and temporary teaching

The majority of teachers commence their careers in the NSW public education system as casual or temporary teachers. Whether employed on a day-to-day basis or in blocks, they carry out a vital role in public schools throughout NSW.

If you have current approval to teach as a casual or temporary teacher in our schools, you may register with ClassCover to be considered for casual teaching employment.

Our Teacher Employment Priority Scheme (TEPS) offers teachers a chance to enhance their pathway to permanent employment by rewarding those who work as a casual or temporary teacher in our schools by backdating their priority date for every 50 days of service.

Permanent employment

As an approved teacher you have the opportunity to join the ranks of our permanent school teachers. You can check for advertised permanent vacancies on I work for NSW.

Teacher staffing procedures

The following documents provide an overview on our staffing operations in NSW public schools.

Teacher staffing codes

Updating your teacher staffing codes is essential. Your staffing codes indicate the subject/teaching areas in which you are qualified and/or willing to teach, which can impact your opportunities for employment.

NSW Education Standards Authority accreditation

As a teacher or principal you are required to be accredited. It is your responsibility to ensure that you continue to hold active accreditation with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) in order to remain employed.

Teacher induction and probation

During your first year of a career in teaching, induction plays a critical role in supporting your development as a capable and confident professional. For those not already accredited as Proficient teachers, your first year will be your probationary year.

Teaching at a new school

Your first appointment at a new school as a permanent, temporary or casual teacher will provide you with some special opportunities and challenges.

Teachers Handbook

The Teachers Handbook contains the current conditions of employment for teachers in the Teaching Service, and list their responsibilities.

Promotion and transfer

With such a wide range of schools and locations to choose from, you can look forward to a variety of career progression options including promotion and transfer – all while still remaining under the one employer.

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