2019 Premier's Teacher Scholarships Recipients

Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship Mirela FricotAddressing systemic barriers to implement mindfulness practices in high schools, to combat adolescent stress, anxiety and depression

Premier’s Anika Foundation Youth Depression Awareness Scholarship

Andrew Stephens

"Health-thinking skills" in the classroom
Premier's Commonwealth Bank STEM ScholarshipKirstin BeckSTEM deeper learning in the primary years
Premier's Copyright Agency Creativity across the Curriculum ScholarshipKelly EvansWeaving the weft of tradition with the warp of innovation
Premier's Curriculum Transition ScholarshipShane GilesFrom primary to secondary - leveraging educational opportunities for students in regional NSW
Premier's Early Childhood Education ScholarshipLjiljana KocicIgniting creativity beyond the early years
Premier's English Teachers Association English ScholarshipImelda JudgeExtending the learning through extended reality (XR)
Premier's First State Super Financial Literacy ScholarshipKeith BarnettHow entrepreneurship and project based lessons can lift the financial literacy of our students.
Premier's History Teachers Association History ScholarshipSasha JouraPlumbing the depths
Premier's History Teachers Association History ScholarshipMichael StreetHistorians and Witches (un)veiled: A historiographical survey of the Salem with trials since 2000
Premier's IOOF Centre for Educational and Medical Research Itinerant Support Teacher (Hearing) ScholarshipJacqualine AczelThe educational impact of conductive hearing loss in school-aged students
Premier's Kingold Chinese Language Teacher ScholarshipRebeca TamasEngaging teens in Chinese language - learning for our future
Premier's Language Teacher ScholarshipShanelle IngramInnovative technologies in the language classroom
Premier's Mathematical Association of NSW Mathematics ScholarshipKirsty ThorpeEnhancing creativity in mathematics to ensure critical thinking and improved problem solving skills
Premier's TAFE NSW ScholarshipTroy EverettBricklaying Training - a focus on catering to excellence and inclusion
Premier's TAFE NSW ScholarshipJennifer PolkBreaking the cycle
Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank Indigenous Education ScholarshipBec GrayConsistent indigenous student engagement in an urban high school environment
Premier's Teachers Mutual Bank New and Emerging Technologies ScholarshipMichael TurnerAugmented and virtual reality - do they have a place in mainstream Australian schools? 
Premier's University of Sydney Mathematics ScholarshipStephen LawsonDeveloping growth mindsets in mathematics and engaging all students in their learning journey
Premier's Vocational Education ScholarshipAllyson FisherAdvancing skills for the future - the use of immersive technologies in VET
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