Premier's Kingold Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship

This scholarship is open to teachers currently teaching Chinese language in NSW Schools and TAFE NSW campuses. The scholarship is for a study tour in any aspect of Chinese language education relevant to the NSW curriculum.

This scholarship is supported by Dr Chau Chak Wing.

Some potential projects may include:

  • Bilingual immersion - English and Chinese (K-6): Research the latest and most effective bilingual language education in the world and propose a model of bilingual education in a NSW primary school context. Travel destinations could include: Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Increase the participation in Stage 6 Chinese language HSC courses (7 - 12). Collect data and investigate a variety of school systems and government policies to support language course participation in higher secondary years. Travel destinations could include: Melbourne, Singapore, Canada, UK.
  • Heritage Chinese education in the world (K-12). Research and investigate how to make Chinese Heritage Languages fairer and more accessible. Travel destinations could include: USA, Malaysia, UK, Thailand.
  • Resources for Chinese classrooms in the 21st century (K-10). Collect ideas for resource types used in the Chinese K-10 classrooms for the 21st century learning. Travel destinations could include: Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, UK.

Kingold could offer the following to the recipients if they choose to visit Guangzhou:

  • organise visits to the local kindergarten/primary/high School or the language department of local universities
  • tour to Kingold businesses
  • up to 3-nights complimentary accommodation in the Foreign Traders Hotel and the ground transport with a chauffeur
  • other meetings, visits or tours that the recipient might be interested in
  • local guide for all meetings/tour organised by Kingold.

The successful applicant will undertake a study tour up to five weeks in Australia and/or overseas, with a focus on China. Travel is to be completed by 30 June 2020.

One scholarship of $15,000 will be offered for travel during 2020.

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