Employing people with a disability

The department is committed to creating a workplace that is diverse, inclusive and reflective of the community.

How we are supporting our commitment

We want to encourage full participation from people with disability in our workforce, and to retain staff that may acquire disability during the course of their employment. Improving the employment and participation of people with a disability in our workforce is a priority for the department and the Public Service Commission.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

The department’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2016-2020 (DOCX 65.38KB) (DIAP) sets out the actions the department will take to foster an inclusive environment for people with disability, through policies, practices and high quality services that reflect, recognise and respond to their needs. This includes addressing aspects such as employment, attitudes and behaviours, and systems and processes. The DIAP was developed in consultation with a range of peak and representative groups including the Department’s Disability Employee Network, Disability Council NSW and People with Disabilities Australia.

Disability Employee Network

The Disability Employee Network (DEN) (login required) aims to empower, encourage and promote equitable opportunities for employees with disability. One of the core objectives of the DEN is to provide a forum for consultation and feedback on organisational strategies, policies, procedures and planned projects that may impact on employees with disability. Membership is open to all employees including those with a disability, carers and anyone who has a genuine interest in raising the profile of the DEN and in shaping the department to become an employer of choice for people with disability.

Creating inclusive partnerships

The department is a proud member of the Australian Network on Disability (AND), one of Australia’s leading disability employment organisations. AND provides employers such as the department with expert advice and services to improve employment opportunities for people with a disability.

Employment assistance

There are a range of external service providers and programs that can assist you to gain and maintain employment.

Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services (DES) assists job seekers with disability, injury or ill health with finding and maintaining sustainable employment. The services focus on the individual needs of job seekers, with an increased emphasis on employment, skills development, education and training.

Job Access

Job Access provides help and workplace solutions for the employment of people with disability. One of those is the Employment Assistance Fund which provides financial assistance to purchase a range of work-related modifications and services for people who are about to start a job or who are currently working, as well as those who require assistance to find and prepare for work.

We are a diverse workforce


If you have any individual requirements that need to be accommodated at any stage of the recruitment process, please contact the information officer for the job for which you are applying.

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