Employing Aboriginal peoples

The department values the unique skills, experience and knowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have to offer, and we encourage you to consider a career with us.

We recognise the strong link between improved learning outcomes for Aboriginal students and the involvement of Aboriginal staff and community in all of our workplaces.

The department acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of country throughout NSW and their continuing connection to land, waterways, culture, lore and community.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.

The important role of Aboriginal peoples

We are working to ensure Aboriginal peoples play an increasing role in the education and training of young Australians.

Aboriginal students improve their learning outcomes and build their personal strengths when Aboriginal staff and communities are involved in their education.

You can help us increase Year 12 completion rates, expand culturally-inclusive learning programs and promote opportunities for Aboriginal communities to engage with school life.

There is a constant demand for Aboriginal applicants. We will help you at every stage, starting with finding the right job and then building your skills and capabilities at work.

Employment opportunities

We have a wide range of opportunities for Aboriginal peoples to work in our schools, in our regional and state offices and within our senior executive service.

We have two types of jobs: those for identified Aboriginal peoples, and non-identified positions open to all candidates.

If a job you are applying for has been advertised as an Aboriginal position you will need to tell us about your Aboriginality. There are three things which are important:

  • being of Aboriginal descent
  • identifying as an Aboriginal person
  • being accepted by the Aboriginal community as an Aboriginal person

At an interview for an identified position you may also be asked about your Aboriginality. In the department, it is expected that if you identify as Aboriginal for the purposes of employment you will identify as Aboriginal in the workplace.

In a job identified for Aboriginal people you will work in our schools or corporate offices to support Aboriginal students and communities. You will see these jobs described as Aboriginal identified positions.

We also encourage applications from Aboriginal candidates for our wide range of non-identified positions and we believe you have an important role to play in strengthening education and training for all young Australians.

Confirmation of Aboriginality

The Department of Education is committed to improving the employment outcomes and wellbeing of Aboriginal staff to ensure that they have the opportunity to excel and achieve in every aspect of their career and professional development.

To ensure all applicants for Aboriginal-targeted teaching scholarships and Aboriginal identified positions are of Aboriginal descent, identify as Aboriginal and are accepted in their community as Aboriginal, the department will now require that all of these applicants provide Confirmation of their Aboriginality. The new guideline does not apply to existing Aboriginal identified employees of the department.

The Confirmation of Aboriginality Guideline outlines the process applicants or employees must follow to apply for targeted teacher scholarships or Aboriginal identified positions, as well as current employees who wish to change their status with the department by having their Aboriginality recognised.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2018-2022

The department's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy sets specific targets for a more diverse workforce and commits the department to action in three priority areas over the next five years:

  • building a more inclusive workforce by raising awareness, understanding and engagement with diversity
  • attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining a workforce which is more reflective of the community we serve and
  • strengthening the data and evidence we collect about our workforce so we can make better informed decisions and deliver sustainable initiatives.
These targets include increasing the number of Aboriginal people in senior leadership roles to 3.0% by 2025, and maintaining the trend growth rate to reach a 4.5% representation across the department by 2022.

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