Transcript for audio-described video - We're the Superhumans

This is the transcript for the example audio-described video from the Video guidelines.


All right folks, strap in.

A drum fills the screen but the drumsticks are in the feet of a man with no arms.

A 10-piece swing band joins in featuring a one-armed bass player and a blind pianist. A lead singer in a blue suit and trilby performs a spin in a wheelchair.

Lead singer

(Singing) Yes I can, certainly. Yes I can.


The lead singer rolls off the stage and onto a road racing alongside British Paralympian Hannah Cockroft, then an athlete with one leg hops an impressive high jump.

Striking images of people doing things with their feet from a mother lifting her baby to a man doing donuts in a car around the band.

A series of wheelchair users from ballroom dancers to wheelchair rugby players who collide – ouch.

The singer rolls into a black and white scene complete with graceful amputee tap dancers, a pianist with partially formed arms, tap-dancing prosthetic legs and a chorus line of girls elegantly displaying their stumps. The singer dons a crash helmet and smashes through the set wall.

A starter's pistol, paralympic swimmers racing then Bladerunner Richard Whitehead sprinting on a track.

A rock band appears in the middle of a wheelchair basketball game. A guitarist with one hand rocks out while the lead guitarist plays a solo with his feet.

A blind footballer lifts a finger to his lips – 'shhh'. Blind footballers score a goal –back of the net.

A series of people shout 'Yes I can!' while showing their abilities including:

  • Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds
  • Paralympic sprinter Libby Clegg
  • a Paralympic shot putter and cyclist
  • wheelchair multi-Paralympian David Weir
  • a pilot with no arms
  • a gymnast with one hand
  • a graduate with Down syndrome
  • a ballerina with a prosthetic leg
  • three Paralympic power lifters
  • a deaf signer
  • and a breakdancer.

You get all that?

A careers advisor talks to a boy in a wheelchair.

Careers advisor

No you can't.

Boy in wheelchair

(Years later) Yes I can!


The boy is now a Paralympics GB wheelchair rugby player and crashes into an opponent.

A rock climber with one arm missing below the elbow, martial artists kicking ass, then heartwarming footage of children using prosthetic limbs at home and at school.

The band plays at the top of a mega ramp in a stadium as a man in a wheelchair performs a death-defying stunt – and a man with partially formed arms brushes his teeth.

(Crowd cheers.)

We're the superhumans – Rio 2016 Paralympics. Channel 4, the UK Paralympic broadcaster.

That's just awesome.

End of transcript.

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