Video guidelines

Understand the stages of video production and the resources you will need to produce video in line with department guidelines.

Video can be a great way to communicate messages and engage your audience.

The department has a range of options for video production. This guide explains these options and helps you decide which is best for your next project. It also defines the requirements of video production, and the responsibilities of various stakeholders throughout the process.

The Communication and Engagement directorate offers support for the following:

Branding and accessibility requirements

All video produced by the department must adhere to NSW Department of Education branding and accessibility requirements. All videos must be published with captions, transcripts, and, if applicable, audio description tracks.

Please refer to the video branding requirements and assets and video accessibility guide before beginning your video project.

The development of new branding, logos, or visual treatments is not recommended unless audience needs can be clearly identified and supported with rationale and evidence.

All videos must end with the full-colour NSW Government Waratah brand end frame with copyright line. The end frame with static logo must be on screen for a minimum of 3 seconds, excluding transitions.

If you wish to consult the video team for advice on branding and accessibility, please lodge a request via Zendesk.

Video Hosting

Video to be hosted on education.nsw must be hosted and published on Brightcove, the Department's enterprise video hosting solution. Once you have your final video ready for publishing, you can submit an upload request to the video team via Zendesk.

Please do not host videos on Vimeo, YouTube, Microsoft Stream, or other platforms.

Please ensure when embedding videos to webpages, you adhere to the multimedia content (images and video) styleguide.

Schools video

A free service provided to public schools in NSW. Users upload raw footage to Schools video, who then produce a short video (up to 5 minutes) with brand and accessibility compliance.

This option is suitable for school staff seeking assistance in producing short videos for their students and school community.

If you are part of a corporate team, please contact the video team via Zendesk before submitting work via Schools Video.

Learn more about Schools video.

In-house video production

A media producer will work through every stage of the production process to deliver your video(s).

This option is suitable for state office teams producing video for projects aligned with department priorities.. Please note, not all requests for in-house video support can be met so it's important to contact the video team well in advance of your delivery date.

Learn more about In-house video production.

Facilitated video production

A media producer will work with you to engage an external agency to deliver your video(s). The producer will also evaluate and provide feedback on the value and validity of documentation and the production process.

This option is suitable for State office teams that are new to, or want help in, engaging an agency for their video project.

Learn more about Facilited video production.

External video production

Communication and Engagement recommends a range of agencies to select from. The list includes service providers for animation, voiceover and captions.

This option is suitable for state office teams that wish to engage a trusted agency to produce their video project.

Learn more about External video production.

Video production resources

How-to guides

Videos must be hosted on the department's enterprise video hosting service, Brightcove. Learn how to embed videos with our how-to guides:

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