News guidelines

Got a story our audience should know about? Use these guidelines to submit items for the news hub that appears on the homepage.

Homepage news

The education.nsw news hub is the best way for the public to stay up to date with the department. Our vision is for the hub to be the source of truth for our key external audiences:

  • current parents
  • future parents
  • other government agencies
  • journalists
  • the wider community.

The Communication and Engagement team manages the news hub. To request a news item, email content(at) with your submission, keeping in mind the guidelines here.

Screenshot of news hub preview on the homepage. Screenshot of news hub preview on the homepage.
Image: News hub displayed on the education.nsw homepage.
Screenshot of news hub. Screenshot of news hub.
Image: education.nsw news hub landing page.

News categories

The news hub is launching with four categories:

  • Latest news
    • news or features
    • good news stories celebrating our wins
    • event highlights (after an event has occurred)
    • campaign updates
  • Announcements
    • program launches
    • event announcements (for upcoming events)
    • Executive appointments
    • presentations of department or NSW Government awards
  • Media releases
    • from the Ministers or the department
  • Secretary's update
    • the Secretary's thought leadership pieces
  • Student voices
    • content written by students, for students.

Headline and summary guidelines

Every news item must have:

  • a headline of up to 50 characters including spaces
    • sentence case
  • a summary of up to 140 characters including spaces (which stands alone from the article)
  • 3 to 10 keywords.

See also Writing for search.

Image guidelines

Images are only mandatory if the item is going to be featured on the news hub or education.nsw homepage.

The news hub can feature up to 4 items at a time, which could be from any category. The homepage will display the first 3 of those.

All images must be 730 x 411 pixels (that is, landscape or horizontal orientation).

Images must not be illustrations or include text.

When sourcing your images, aim for high resolution. We can always scale down. It's not so easy to scale up from a tiny starting image.

Portrait images really won't work with this design, so get creative with cropping if you need to.

All images must have:

  • a max file size of 100KB to ensure the page loads in reasonable time
  • alternative text describing the image to someone who can't see it
  • a caption giving context to the image, in the form of a full sentence.

See also Image guidelines.

Article guidelines

Make sure you use the Content style guide, keeping in mind the unique cases for news articles in print and online. Also keep in mind the department's Accessibility basics. We've called out some common areas of confusion here.

See also How to write great content.


Your article should be 100 to 400 words for standard news, or up to 800 words for an in-depth feature.


If you need to use headings in your article, start with H2. Then use H3, H4 and so on.


If you're using links in your content, hyperlink the keywords as described in the Linking guidelines, don't list out the full URL.


If you need to use a bulleted list that's a run-on sentence, keep in mind:

  • colon to introduce
  • no initial caps
  • no punctuation at the end of each point
  • full stop at the end of the final point.

If you need to use a bulleted or numerical list that consists of sentences, keep these rules in mind:

  • Introduce the list with a colon.
  • Use initial caps for each point.
  • Use a full stop at the end of each point.


If you use a table keep these rules in mind.

Always do this Never do this
Use a header row and/or column Use tables for layout
Include a summary - similar to alt text for an image Merge cells
Include a caption at the top Leave cells blank


If you're embedding a video, make sure it has closed captions and an audio description. Include the video transcript as a show/hide under your embed component, or link to a separate page containing the video transcript..

See also Video guidelines.

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