Global news and events guidelines – school websites

Use these guidelines to submit global news or event items for school websites that use the School Website Service (SWS). The items will display on the schools' homepages under Latest news or Upcoming events.

News and event types

There are three types of news and events that we can roll out to schools.


We roll out most global news and events as should-have content to:

  • primary schools (K to Year 6)
  • high schools (Years 7 to 12)
  • central schools (K to Year 12).

Should-have content will automatically publish on the schools' websites when we roll it out. Schools can hide should-have content if it doesn't apply to them. They can also add their own content at the end of the item.


We roll out all global news and events as could-have content to:

  • Pario schools (school and educational groups not classified as either primary, central or high schools).

Could-have content will not automatically publish on the school's website when we roll it out. If schools want it to appear they will need to publish it. They can also edit the content to suit their local circumstances.

We roll out some news and events to primary, high and central schools as could-have content. This applies if the content is optional or 'nice to have', or if it only applies to certain schools.


In some circumstances, we can roll out global news and events as must-have content. Schools cannot hide or edit this content. They can add their own content at the end of the item.

We use this feature sparingly, so you need to justify any requests for must-have news or events.

Got a topic request?

To request a news or event item, email content(at) with your submission.

Topics for inclusion in news items require approval from the Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance at least a month in advance, except if the update is urgent. Plan ahead if you would like your content included in the content calendar so that we can seek approval of the topic on your behalf.

Submission guidelines

To submit a global news or event item, email content(at) with:

  • the school audience
  • heading of up to 45 characters including spaces
  • a short summary of up to 150 characters including spaces that will display on the homepage
  • a 200-to-400 word article
  • a 770x370 pixels photograph
    • remember that single-sex high schools will see the same image as co-ed high schools
    • this must be a photograph and cannot include text
  • specifications for could-have, should-have or must-have content.

If required also provide:

  • ideal date of publication
  • end date of publication, if the content is only relevant during a certain period
  • transcript and YouTube URL, if embedding a video.
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