File naming standards

Use these guidelines when naming your images, documents, PDFs and other files.

It is important that you follow these file naming conventions. It will help users find your content, it will help you find and maintain your files, and it will reduce the amount of confusion in our content management system (CMS).

How you organise and name your files and pages will have a big impact on your team's ability to find those files and pages later and to understand what they contain.


  • School images should always include the name of the school they are depicting.
  • File names should be short. 2-3 words. Try to keep it under 30 characters.
  • If you have your own internal document number, add it at the end of the name, not the beginning.

See also: Documents and records for schools.

Naming images

  • Images must include dimensions in the name. For example:
    • Banner - school-funding-1110x524
    • Shallow banner - public-schools-2220x460
    • Homepage featured news - schools-spectacular-2021-730x411
    • Featured news in news pattern - schools-spectacular-2021-730x411
    • Thumbnail - school-funding-730x411


  • Use plain English
  • Use meaningful keywords
  • Use all lowercase letters
  • Use hyphens - to separate words (with no spaces)
  • Use a friendly name and remove any internal identifiers


  • Shorten or abbreviate words
  • Use special characters
  • Use spaces
  • Put ID numbers before keywords
  • Use _final, _V1 etc
  • Use "quote" marks. Ever.
  • Use meaningless file names like IMG00023.JPG.

Updating files

When you update your files, use the same filename and overwrite the existing one to ensure there's only ever one version of your file in the CMS.

How-to guides

Learn how to upload, edit, publish and remove images using our guides:

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