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Content style guide

Use the NSW Department of Education content style guide for all department websites and publications.

Email guidelines

Read the department's advice on producing emails for internal and external use.

File naming standards

Use these guidelines when naming your images, documents, PDFs and other files.

Format – The right format for your content

Use our accessible format picker to decide the best format for your content, whether it's a web page, accessible PDF or spreadsheet.

Frequently asked questions – why we don’t use them

Don’t create frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages.

Global news and events guidelines – school websites

Use these guidelines to submit global news or event items for school websites that use the School Website Service (SWS).

Heading guidelines

Use these guidelines to apply the correct heading structure to your content.

How to write great content

People read online and printed material differently. Use this guide to help you when writing or adapting content for the web.

Hyperlink guidelines

Learn best practice for hyperlinking so users can easily make sense of, and navigate through, a page or a website.

Image guidelines

Use these guidelines to add images to your web pages. Includes image dimension, size, and format requirements.

News guidelines

Got a story our audience should know about? Use these guidelines to submit items for the news hub that appears on the homepage.

Photography guidelines

Tips and tricks to take on-brand photos for the department's web, newsletters and social media.

Video guidelines

Learn about the stages of video production and the resources you will need to produce video to department guidelines.

Voice and tone guidelines

These guidelines will help you write in the right tone of voice to make sure everyone who interacts with our content has a consistent experience.

Writing for search

Metadata is information about your content that allows users to find what they're looking for.

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