Sections list the sub-categories of the chosen level 1 hub or level 2 hub and provide users with a brief introduction to the content that follows.

What is a section page?

A section will usually be a level 3 page in terms of information architecture. When there's not enough content to justify a level 2 hub, section pages will appear on level 2 instead.

Learn more about page structure on the Page types page.

For example, a user clicks on the 'Key learning areas' section and is taken to the following page.

Screenshot of section template on education.nsw website.
Image: Section template

See this page in action on education.nsw. Go to the Key learning areas page.

Page features


  • Each section will have a unique banner image.
  • There's space for introductory text and a button for a call to action.

In this section

  • Here we list the subsequent pages so that users can immediately find the information they're looking for. This list is automatically generated.
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