Level 2 hub

Level 2 hubs bring together the next groups of content within the new NSW Department of Education website.

What are level 2 hubs?

These hubs sit directly beneath the level 1 hub in the information architecture and contain large amounts of content broken off into categories called sections.

For example, a user clicks on the 'Public schools' level 1 hub, then clicks on the 'Going to public school' level 2 hub and is taken here:

Screenshot of level 2 hub template on education.nsw website. Screenshot of level 2 hub template on education.nsw website.
Image: Level 2 hub

See this page type in action on education.nsw. Go to the Going to public school level 2 hub.

Page features

The page consists of a range of features designed to highlight important information and help users find content.

Quick links

  • Here we link to the most commonly accessed pages, allowing users to quickly navigate to important information.
  • The design is limited to 8 links.


  • This module shows current and upcoming information about schools terms and schools holiday periods.

In this section

  • Here we list the subsequent pages so that users can immediately find the information they're looking for. This list is automatically generated.
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