Level 1 hub

Level 1 hubs are the main areas or groupings of content within the new NSW Department of Education website.

What are level 1 hubs?

Level 1 hubs sit directly beneath the level 0 education.nsw homepage information architecture. Level 1 hubs contain large amounts of content broken off into categories called level 2 hubs.

The main purpose of the level 1 hub is to group related content in a way that makes sense to the user. The page will contain some introductory text about the hub and provide users with links to the hubs and sections below, if applicable.

For example: if a user clicks on to the 'Teaching and learning' level 1 hub from the mega menu (top navigation of all education.nsw.gov.au pages)...

Screenshot level 1 view from megamenu dropdown Screenshot level 1 view from megamenu dropdown
Image: Level 1 on mega menu

...they are taken to the 'Teaching and learning' level 1 hub page shown here:

Screenshot of level 1 hub template on education.nsw website. Screenshot of level 1 hub template on education.nsw website.
Image: Level 1 hub

See this page type in action on education.nsw. Go to the Teaching and learning level 1 hub.

Page features

The page consists of a range of features designed to highlight important information and help users find content.


  • Each hub will have a unique banner image.
  • There's space for introductory text and a button for a call to action.
  • To request updates to the banner email content(at)detcorpcomms.zendesk.com (staff only).

Quick links

  • Here we link to the most commonly accessed pages, allowing users to quickly navigate to important information.
  • The design is limited to 8 links.
  • To request updates to quick links email content(at)detcorpcomms.zendesk.com (staff only).

Explore 'hub name'

  • Here we list level 2 hubs or sections so that users can immediately see them and click on them to see more information.
  • 'Topics include' refers to the subcategories of a particular area for easy access.

Education.nsw level 1 hubs

After several months of research, engagement and testing activities with a range of different user groups, we have developed an information architecture that includes 8 level 1 hubs. Below is a brief summary of the main audiences and proposed content for each of the hubs.

Refer to our masterlist for the global education.nsw.gov.au IA (down to level 5) - log into google docs with your education gmail account e.g. firstname.surname1@education.nsw.gov.au

Early childhood education

Audience: educators, service providers, parents and carers

Content: Information about early childhood education including benefits, regulatory information, and resources for operating a centre or working in early childhood education.

Go to: Early childhood education level 1 hub

Public schools

Audience: parents and carers, service providers

Content: Everything parents and carers need to know about public schools.

Key topics include:

  • information on preschool, primary and secondary schools
  • finding public schools
  • understanding enrolment
  • accessing support and assistance.

Go to: Public schools level 1 hub

Teaching and learning

Audience: teachers, educators

Content: Information on curriculum taught in schools, Aboriginal education and communities, personalised support and professional learning and assessment

Key topics include:

  • curriculum taught in schools
  • Aboriginal education and communities
  • educating, assessing and supporting both students and teachers.

Go to: Teaching and learning level 1 hub

Student wellbeing

Audience: school leaders, teachers, educators, parents and carers

Content: Advice and resources for schools to create teaching and learning environments that enable students to be healthy, happy, successful and productive.

Go to: Student wellbeing level 1 hub

Policy library

Audience: staff, parents and carers, community

Content: Operational policies for school-based and non-school-based staff.

Go to: Policy library level 1 hub


Audience: parents and carers, staff, community, other government agencies

Content: Updates on what's happening at the NSW Department of Education, including media releases from the Secretary and Ministers.

Go to: New level 1 hub

About us

Audience: job seekers, suppliers, other government agencies, service providers

Content: Information about who we are, how we work and how to work with us.

Key topics include:

  • information about our people and structure
  • jobs and opportunities
  • our plans and future direction
  • opportunities to engage with us.

Go to: About us level 1 hub

Inside the department (staff only)

Audience: staff

Content: Everything staff need to know to perform their jobs to their best ability.

Go to: Inside the department level 1 hub (staff only)

For further information, explore the detailed diagram of each hub's primary users and the information architecture.

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