Landing page

Landing pages list the main topics and provide users with a brief introduction or summary about the information they can expect to find. A Landing page tempalte is a smart way to group content pages that are all siblings and have no logical parent page. It allows you to group sibling pages without the need to create a parent page.

What is a Landing page?

In a complex section that goes many levels down, a Landing page will be a level 4 page. As an exception, a Landing page may appear on level 3. Learn more about our website structure.

Sometimes Landing pages are skipped entirely. Reasons for this include:

  • if they do not have grandchild pages, or
  • if your level 4 page contains more than a paragraph or two of content, then it's best to go straight to a content page.

For example: A user clicks on the 'Roles at education' link and is taken to the following page:

Screenshots of landing page template on education.nsw website. Screenshots of landing page template on education.nsw website.
Image: Landing page template

Page features

Introductory description

  • This lets the user know what they'll find in the content that follows.
  • This is limited to 150 characters.

Child page list

  • Here we list all child pages of the landing page for easy access.
  • These are automatically generated based on the content structure.


  • A Landing page tempalte must only be used as a direct child of a Section Template.
  • Don't add content below the link listing. The Landing page is a 'navigator' page directing the user to the information they require. It's best to keep these pages simple.
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