Homepage (Level 0)

The education.nsw homepage is the main landing page for the site and houses information that has been consolidated from more than 200 websites.

The homepage is the only level 0 page. It links to all of the level 1 hubs as well as level 2 hubs and select sections.

Our current homepage

Our homepage highlights important information and key areas of the site. It includes a range of features designed to enhance the user experience by making things easy to find.

Screenshot of education.nsw website homepage 14 Oct 2022 Screenshot of education.nsw website homepage 14 Oct 2022
Image: Education.nsw website homepage 14 Oct 2022

Page features

Mega menu

We've improved the navigation experience in education.nsw.gov.au by adding a 'mega menu' at the top of all pages. The 'mega menu' provides easy navigation between public hubs and access to staff-only login, wherever you are in education.nsw.gov.au

'Mega menu' features include:

  • easy navigation between public hubs
  • log in to the portal and Inside the department (staff intranet)
  • 'Select language' - Google translate will instantly translate content into languages other than English.

Full bleed banner

Hero banner to promote current campaigns and initiatives

Global search component

For searching all department content

Campaign Bands

For secondary campaign and initiative promotions with call to action

Latest news

The feature card component displays the 3 most recent feature articles.

Events Calendar

  • This module shows current and upcoming events including information about schools terms and schools holiday periods.

Quick links

  • Here we link to the most commonly accessed pages, allowing users to quickly navigate to important information.
  • The design is limited to 3 links.
  • To request updates to quick links, email content(at)detcorpcomms.zendesk.com.

Instagram feed

Displays the 6 most recent Instagram posts on the department's Instagram channel.


Here we list the main websites the department owns, as well as our official social media channels.

  • To request updates to this section, email content(at)detcorpcomms.zendesk.com.
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