News guidelines

Use a news page to communicate regular updates to your audience.

As a content editor or approver, you must request a news template from the edu.nsw team via Zendesk. We can only implement one news template per site section.

Once the news template is set up, you're free to add the categories and pages as you need using tags and the news article template.

Examples of news pages

See what this template looks like on these pages:

Example of a news template (you must request permission for this):

Screenshot of news page template on education.nsw website.
Image: The Road safety education news page

Example of a news article template:

Screenshot of news article template on education.nsw website.
Image: Example of a news article

See the news and news article pages in action on education.nsw. Go to the Road safety education news pages.

Page features

Featured news item

  • You can choose to feature a single item at the top of the page. It must have an image of 566x266 pixels.

News sidebar

  • The category list on the right-hand side automatically populates based on the folders you've put your pages into.
  • Each news item can only be in one category.
  • You can include items such as calls to action or subscription forms in the right-hand sidebar.

News listings

  • The news listings automatically display in reverse chronological order.
  • The description will pull from the 'Summary' field in your news item. You're limited to 150 characters including spaces, and no HTML code.

Page guidelines


  • Keep link titles to no more than 60 characters including spaces.
  • If you use images, make sure they all have the same aspect ratio so they display properly on the news index. See also Image guidelines.
  • Follow the Content style guide for consistency.
  • Do use the news pattern for content that is time-sensitive. Use content pages in your main section for evergreen content.


  • Don't use the news pattern for evergreen content. Use content pages in your main section instead.
  • Don't include any child pages under a news pattern that don't belong to that news pattern.
  • Don't keep news active for more than 12 months unless there's a good reason to keep an archive.

How-to guides

Learn how to create and edit a news page using our guide:

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