How-to guide guidelines

How-to guides allow you to create straightforward lists of step by step instructions.

As a content editor or approver, you must request help from the web support team to set up a how-to guide page.

Example of a how-to guide page:

Screenshot comparing 2019 new and old how to guides pages. Screenshot comparing 2019 new and old how to guides pages.
Image: The Apply for a PCard - QRG uses the how-to guide template.

Page features


  • Make sure your page title describes the task at hand and follows the page title guidelines.
  • Start with a verb, not "how-to..."
  • Keep the title under 60 characters including spaces.


  • This sentence outlines the purpose of the how-to guide.
  • The summary must be under 150 characters including spaces.

On this page

  • This element generates automatically if there are more than three H2 headings on a page. It allows the user to navigate the sections with speed.
  • These sections can include:
    • Background
    • Before you start
    • Summary of instructions
    • Detailed instructions
    • Supporting information.
  • This feature is known as an section summary on Adobe Experience Manager. Refer to our 'In this section' guidelines.


  • Give the user the background knowledge they need to complete the task.

Before you start

  • In this section, outline the steps the user must make before they begin the task.
  • Link to any prerequisite guides or information.

Summary of instructions

  • This is a list of the steps that the user must follow to complete the task.
  • This section includes hyperlinks to the steps outlined in Detailed instructions.

Detailed instructions

  • This section is where you can outline comprehensive instructions beneath each of the steps.
  • Use screenshots to walk the user through each step.
  • Use call-out boxes to give the user tips to navigate through a tricky step or to help them troubleshoot potential problems.

Supporting information

  • Help your user find related resources like other how-to guides and training materials.
  • Provide contact details of individuals or teams they can contact for support.

Page guidelines


  • Keep your summary of instructions under 10 steps.
  • Read the linking guidelines for information on how to correctly link to other pages.
  • Ensure the guide has at least three H2 headings.
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