Page templates

Each level of education.nsw's information architecture has an assigned page template. Use this guide to create pages based on those rules.

Website structure

The site consists of 6 main page types, each with their own purpose, layout and structure.

The page structure is as follows:

This structure reflects two elements:

  • the level in the information architecture (IA)
  • the page template used.

Visualising the structure

The following diagram shows an example of this complex page structure. Each level in the IA reflects a different page template.

Infographic displays correct hierarchy of content structure.
Image: A visual representation of information architecture on


Level 0 will always be the homepage, and level 1 will always be a hub.

If there's not enough content to justify a level 2 hub, level 2 will become a section instead, resulting in this structure:

  • Level 0 homepage
    • Level 1 hub
      • Level 2 section
        • Level 3 landing page
          • Level 4 content page.

Sometimes there will be no need for a landing page, in which case the structure will follow this pattern:

  • Level 0 homepage
    • Level 1 hub
      • Level 2 section
        • Level 3 content page.

Browse the page templates section for more detailed explanations of each template.

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