Moving or integrating your web pages

Guidelines for planning a change in your information architecture, create change messaging and moving or integrating your web pages in

Plan your new content

Find who owns an existing page or section

To see who owns pages and sections of (public and private) or just to get a more detailed look at the IA (down to level 5) refer to our Content Owner Masterlist on google docs.

Access the Google sheet by following these steps:

  1. Sign in with your – for example,
  2. Leave the password field blank.
  3. You may be directed to the portal login page. Enter your department user ID and password.

Create awareness with your users

Don't wait for the change to happen to start implementing your change messaging strategy. Let your users know that change is on the way with a simple 'this information is moving soon' message on the pages you're planning to move or retire.

Identify popular pages

Use Siteimprove to analyse existing web stats to determine high traffic areas that will need special consideration before moving, changing URLs or retiring pages. This will help you plan your change messaging strategy.

Develop a change strategy

Developing an effective change messaging strategy will ensure a seamless transition for your users and minimise disruptions to department staff.

Move your pages

Once you've established your new IA and content plan, gathered web stats and developed your change messaging strategy, it's time to start moving your pages.

Note: The web stats for your page may change once your pages are moved. It's important to keep a record of old web stats so you have a benchmark or reference point and so you can make an informed decision about your web pages in the future.

Moving pages within your section

Content owners must contact the edu.nsw team to action these changes.

Note: If you're planning a total restructure of your section, please share your new IA and content plan template (XLSX 31.35KB) with the content and engagement team for advice at content(at)

Moving pages to another section within

Moving your pages to another hub or section within the IA requires consultation and assistance from the edu.nsw team. Email your new IA and content plan, the rationale for the change and web stats to so we can schedule activities to complete the change.

Once the new IA has been confirmed with the edu.nsw team, you'll need to complete this IA and content move request (XLSX 48.46KB) so support can move the pages for you. Email the request to

Friendly URLs

Your webpage URL is determined by your page title, however you may want to modify it so that it's easier for your users to share, read and remember.

You should consider creating a friendly URL if:

  • your page title is very long
  • you will be sharing the link in printed publications or social media.

If you would like to set up a friendly URL (also called a vanity link), please consult the edu.nsw team for assistance at


Setting up a redirect on a web page diverts users to another destination link. You should only do this if your page receives a lot of traffic but the content is now obsolete and there is another page with more useful, updated and relevant information.

If you would like to set up a redirect, please consult the edu.nsw team for assistance at

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