Lead paragraph guidelines

All standard pages must have a lead paragraph. Use these guidelines to write a good one.

The lead paragraph text on each page should clearly and concisely describe what the user will expect from the page contents. It appears under the page title and above an 'on this page' menu.

The text may also appear in search results to help attract users to a page.


This is an example lead paragraph. The text is slightly larger and bolder than the rest of your body text. A lead paragraph should be short and succinct. It gives web users an idea of the content to follow.

Where you must use them

How to use them


  • Your lead paragraph should match your meta description. Refer to the guidelines on how to write a meta description.
  • A lead paragraph should be 1 paragraph and 150 characters.


  • Don't have more than 1 lead paragraph on a page.

How-to guides

Learn how to add a lead paragraph to your page using our guide:

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