Quick link guidelines

Use these guidelines to create quick links on your web pages.

This component creates named groups of related links. You can use this component to highlight content that's popular and useful for your users.

The quick link component automatically appears in either 2 or 3 column layouts.


Note: In Adobe Experience Manager, the quick links component is called 'Link columns'.

Quick links

Where you can use them

How to use them


  • Create name for each link group that addresses:
    • a user group or
    • a user need


  • Create a link group name that is:
    • our internal organisational structure
    • about our activities


  • The quick link component must have between 2 and 4 link groups.
  • Each link group can contain up to 5 links.
  • External links are visually marked.
  • External links do not open in a new window.
  • Internal links must be relative links.

How-to guides

Learn how to add quick links to your page using our guides:

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