Banner guidelines

Use these guidelines to create a banner on your section pages.

Banners give the user some context about the section of the department website they are in. It can be used in various ways:

  • show a brief description of the section
  • link to an announcement or update.

Banners are made up of:

  • a banner image
  • a banner heading
  • banner text
  • a call to action button.

Banner heading and text must correspond to the copy on the page you're linking to. It is OK to use the the same heading and introductory text as you use on the page you're linking to.


Take a look at education.nsw pages that use the banner component:

Where you can use them

Banners on the level 1 hubs (About us, Public schools, Student wellbeing and so on) are managed by Communication and Engagement. Contact content(at)

How to use them



  • Use a banner heading that's the same as the title of the page the banner is on
  • Use a heading and text that doesn't match what you're linking to.

Image specifications

  • Full size banner (with button and text): 1350 pixels (width) x 520 pixels (height)
    • Make sure the focal point of your image is on the right-hand third so it doesn't get covered up by the text.
  • Shallow banner (image only): 1350 pixels (width) x 277 pixels (height)
  • Keep images to around 100 KB. Up to 200 KB is the absolute maximum for banners where quality is a concern.

How-to guides

Learn how to add a banner to your page using our guides:

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