1. Conduct pre-go-live reviews

  • Contact edu(dot)nsw(at)detcorpcomms(dot)zendesk(dot)com to request a final review. The review covers:
    • user experience and accessibility
    • total quality assurance
    • design and brand compliance
    • content (high level)
  • Your section will be locked down during this time (approximately 2 weeks).
  • You will be given a report detailing all changes required for each page.

2. Make pre-go-live changes

  • Content author/s address all critical and serious changes before go-live.
  • Document all changes in the report, saved in the shared folder structure.
  • Digital Experience Design will verify changes have been made.

3. Final proofread

  • Sub-editor conducts final proofread.

4. Final approvals

  • Project manager seeks final sign-off from all senior stakeholders.
  • Document decisions in project folder.
  • Business unit implements communication plan.
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