1. Inform the Digital Design and Delivery (DDD) team

You will have expert support from the department's digital services team. You should contact them and involve them in your project at the very beginning. They are you go-to for best practice advice.

DDD will ensure you have additional support from department staff and put you in touch with your content strategist or project manager.

You will have help with running the workshops and training required to complete your web transformation project in line with best practice and department standards.

Contact edu.nsw@detcorpcomms.zendesk.com

2. Define roles and responsibilities

Creating and managing content is a complicated process that brings together a number of different skills. Keep in mind that these roles might represent one person each, one person serving several roles, or several people sharing responsibility for one area.

If you don't have the right internal resources to fill these roles, make sure you allocate budget to outsource them - at least for the initial project.

Content team

Your content team is made up of staff within your business unit. They will be responsible for the creation, maintenance and governance of your content. It's important that you train up or recruit for these skills.

Subject matter expert/s (SME/s)
  • Responsible for accuracy of content.

Required training: writing for the web. Desired training: accessibility essentials.

  • Coordinates information and feedback from SME.
  • Adds content.
  • Makes approved editorial changes.

Required training: writing for the web, accessibility essentials. Desired training: accessibility advanced.

  • Empowers team to make decisions about content.
  • Makes final decisions about the site and has ultimate responsibility for publishing content live.

Required training: writing for the web, accessibility essentials, accessibility advanced.

Project team

These are the people you will need to manage this specific project of updating your web presence. You can find them in your business unit or hire an external third party. Talk to digital services for advice.

Project manager
  • Creates project plan including assigning roles and responsibilities.
  • Locates external resources if necessary.
  • Runs regular meetings with content team and record minutes of decisions made.
  • Responsible for seeking approvals from director or above before go-live.
  • Responsible for keeping digital services and relevant department experts outside the business unit involved in the project.
  • Writes or creates content with accessibility in mind from the beginning.
  • Ideally should be experts in content creation rather than subject matter.
  • Responsible for proofreading and quality control of content.

Required training: writing for the web, accessibility essentials, accessibility advanced.

  • Conducts structural editing as well as copyediting, keeping accessibility in mind.
  • Ideally would not be the same person as content author or subject matter expert.
  • Checks content for accessibility, copyright compliance.

Required training: writing for the web, accessibility essentials, accessibility advanced.

3. Book in training and read guidelines

Now that you have assigned roles, it's important to ensure everyone has the skills necessary to proceed.

Before you start writing your content, it's important for your writer, approver, sub-editor, editor, and subject matter expert (if they are going to write content) complete the training.


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