1. Create a content plan

  • Map your existing content to your new information architecture (IA).
    • Any changes to your IA must first be approved by digital services.
  • Create an IA and content plan (XLSX 31.35KB) detailing audience, messages and responsibilities for each page. Make sure this is available to the whole team in your shared drive you created earlier. If you have not yet created your folder structure, refer to step 4 in prepare to get started.
  • Assign content to specific individuals to revise or write from scratch.
  • Determine reasonable key dates and deadlines that the team agrees on.

2. Inform your stakeholders of changes

  • Before making any changes to your site put in place change messaging to keep your users and stakeholders informed.
  • Email edu(dot)nsw(at)detcorpcomms(dot)zendesk(dot)com for help from the team.

3. Write and revise your content

It is essential that you use a shared live document (Google Doc or SharePoint) to draft, edit, approve, and finalise all content.

The very last thing you should do in the content creation process is open AEM and copy in the finalised content.

  • Read the content guidelines and write or revise content according to your content plan.
  • Create a shared Word or Google doc or similar for each page.
  • When sharing the draft document use a hyperlink to your source of truth document. Don't attach documents to emails.
  • Conduct regular meetings to track progress according to deadlines and address any issues that arise.

4. Edit your content

  • The sub-editor conducts a structural edit in the Word or Google document saved in your shared folder structure.
  • Liaise with the content owner and subject matter experts to discuss any major changes.
  • Where possible, test the content with the intended user or the closest equivalent to that user.

5. Gather content approvals

  • The project manager coordinates approvals for all content.
  • Document approvals in Word template, saved in the shared folder structure.
  • Communicate any requested changes with content authors/editor.
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