After you have created your content and collected approvals, it's time to build your new web presence.

You must complete the relevant content management system (CMS) training before beginning these tasks.

1. Create new web section

Ask the Support team to create your new web section in the CMS. Email your information architecture (IA) to edu(dot)nsw(at)detcorpcomms(dot)zendesk(dot)com. Allow 5 working days for this to be complete.

2. Load your content

  • Editor or nominated content loader uploads approved content to CMS.
  • The majority of your content will be presented as text on a standard content page. Familiarise yourself with all the options available and follow this checklist for creating your web pages.

3. Copy edit your content

4. Get approvals in the CMS

  • During the initial project, the approver signs off content that is ready for final reviews by the digital services team.
  • During business as usual, the approver completes final review and publishes content live.
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