Theme: Assessment

Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning cycle. The 'What works best' 2020 update recognises assessment as one of the eight effective teaching strategies that drives student and school improvement.

Through assessment we are able to establish where a student is at in their learning, so that teaching can be differentiated and further learning progress can be monitored over time.

Practical strategies for using assessment to improve student learning

'What works best' in practice (pages 21-24) provides teachers and school leaders with key strategies on how to:

  • make student assessment a part of everyday practice
  • use assessment to provide students with learning opportunities
  • design and deliver high-quality formal assessment tasks
  • carefully structure group assessment activities to ensure that students are supported, challenged and able to work together successfully.

The 'What works best' reflection toolkit (page 6) provides support to teachers when implementing these evidence-based strategies.

Video resource: conversation with Rooty Hill High School

In this video, Mark Scott, Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, speaks with Rooty Hill High School principal, Christine Cawsey and her students about how Rooty Hill embeds assessment in school practice.

From developing assessment-centred classrooms, to empowering students to identify and monitor their progress, hear how Rooty Hill is improving student outcomes.

Rooty Hill High School and assessment
Registered professional learning

'What works best': Assessment MyPL course

Further resources

Audio paper on Assessment chapter

'What works best' 2020 update report (page 24-28)

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