School Lifecycle Pipeline

About this report


Data Source: School Lifecycle Pipeline

Updated: Monthly (as provided)

Designed for

The report provides the School Lifecycle Support team, Executive Directors, Network Directors and other Corporate Staff with a visual representation of the School Lifecycle Pipeline.


How can I use this report?

The report provides accurate and reliable information about upcoming projects to plan work and prepare resources. All planned changes in schools across NSW are included and the view can be refined by type of change, calendar year, school name or code, as well as by individual project title.

What should I look for?

Details of change at each stage are included as well as a colour code of the type of lifecycle change planned. The entire timeline can also be exported as a spreadsheet. Important links relating to the lifecycle project are included across the top of the report.

School Lifecycle Pipeline report screenshot School Lifecycle Pipeline report screenshot
Image: School Lifecycle Pipeline report

Using the report

Select the results you want

The slicers at the top of the report allow you to select the results you want to be displayed.

Example of the slicers Example of the slicers
Image: Example of the slicers

The information represented on the timeline can be refined by: type of lifecycle change, calendar year, project title, current school name and school code. All slicers are responsive and the report will update based on any selections made.

View the charts

Change by School and Year/Term

The visual timeline contains planned lifecycle changes colour coded by type across each school term.

Example of the timeline Example of the timeline
Image: Example of the timeline
Example of hovering Example of hovering
Image: Example of hovering
Example of change details table Example of change details table
Image: Example of change details table

Focus mode

On most displays Focus mode will allow the full length of the table to be view on the page. Hover the cursor near the top right of the table and wait for the options to appear:

Focus mode option Focus mode option
Image: Focus mode option

This will open the table across the entire page for ease of viewing. Selecting ‘Back to report’ will return to the previous view.

Example of focus mode Example of focus mode
Image: Example of focus mode

Export complete dataset

The option above the table will bring up a new page of the complete dataset.

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