MSP NAPLAN Bands Over Time

The NAPLAN Bands Over Time report shows the performance of students in the school over time in terms of percentage in bands and mean scores over time.

How will these reports benefit me?

The NAPLAN Bands Over Time report allows schools to get a quick visual representation of their NAPLAN performance over years and observe if progress is being made between cohorts in terms of percentages in bands as well as the average score for students in those bands.

What does the NAPLAN Bands Over Time report provide?

This one page report presents information on:

  • Assessment
  • Domain
  • Gender
  • Aboriginal - The term Aboriginal used in this data set refers to and includes both Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  In NSW the preferred term is Aboriginal, rather than Indigenous or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • EAL/D

How can I use the NAPLAN Bands Over Time report support my school self assessment?

  • This report allows assessment of whether there is movement in the percentage or students in each band (represented by the size of the bubbles) as well as the average score for those in the bands. Ideally a school would see a decrease in the percentage of students in lower bands and an increase in the percentage of students in higher bands over time.
  • Programs implemented in the school can be tracked over time by witnessing if the post-intervention cohorts are demonstrating improvements in the target area as compared to pre-intervention cohorts.

What should I look for?

  • Refer to the legend within the chart which will provide an indication of the NAPLAN bands and the distribution of students by % within them. This chart can be used to show changes in the distribution of results over time.
  • Movement of students between the bands- assist in developing enriching learning activities

Where does this data come from?


How frequently is data updated?


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