Spend Analysis

The Spend Analysis report provides users with an analysis of spending patterns and invoices paid within terms and outside terms for invoice processing during the year.

This report only provides operational expenses and do not include salaries.

Executive Directors and Directors of Public Schools can view all schools within their Principal Network.

How will this report benefit me?

The report illustrates how the selected school is performing against paying invoices within the required terms and those outside the payment terms.

The report provides a trend analysis across the Spend Analysis by Month graph that indicates the Avg. No of Days for EDConnect to Receive Invoice.

The report provides the Percentage of Duplicate Invoices by Month. It also provides the percentages of Unapproved Expenditure by Month.

What does the report provide?

This report provides:

  • The monthly processing time taken for EDConnect to receive the Invoice for Processing (Avg. No of Days for EDConnect to Receive Invoice)
  • The percentage of Duplicate Invoices by Month
  • The percentage of unapproved expenditure by month.
  • The No. of Paid Invoices (does not include No. of PCard transactions) and the Paid Value of Invoices (includes PCard spending).
  • % of Invoices Paid within Terms (EDConnect Received Date to Invoice Paid Date),
  • % of Invoices Paid within Terms (Invoice Date to Invoice Paid Date)
  • Average number of days for EDConnect to Receive Invoice. (Avg. No. of Days for EDConnect to Receive Invoice)

Note: Terms of payment for all suppliers have been calculated using the standard 30 day government payment terms.

How can I use the report to support my school?

The report can be used for assessing the PCard trends.

This report also provides spend capacity for a 12-month period and illustrates the peak spending period.

What should I look for?

  • If any PCards trends increased;
  • If duplicate invoices decreased;
  • Unapproved expenditure decreased;
  • Average EDConnect days to receive invoices reduced; and
  • Improved paid within terms percentage.

Where does this data come from?

SAP Finance, Expense 8

How frequently is data updated?


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